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Electrical & Plumbing Damage

With over three decades of experience, we at THE PATCHMAN Drywall Repair know what it takes to be successful in the business. We always show up to the job site on time, never cut corners, and recognize that the job isn’t finished until the room is as clean as when we found it. It is this level of dedication that has allowed us to become amongst the most sought after drywall repair business for electricians and plumbers in Riverside and the surrounding areas.

Throughout The Years

Electrical wire and pipes run behind your walls. Often, when plumbers and electricians make repairs they need to make holes in your walls in order to gain access to damaged pipes and wires. This is where we come in. THE PATCHMAN Drywall Repair has patched trade-damaged walls in both residential and commercial settings for many years. Disneyland, Staples Center, Fox Studios, as well as many other well-known establishments are all part of our portfolio expertise.

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We at THE PATCHMAN Drywall Repair are glad that our reputation has allowed us to focus our work and attention in and around the Riverside area. We are also glad that we no longer have to travel long distances. This allows us to spend more time with our friends and families. We are equally happy that our family-run business can deliver quality drywall repairs to our neighbors and other families.

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If you are in the Riverside area and are having extensive plumbing or electrical work done, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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