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Riverside Plaster Construction

Are you tired of how most homes today look so similar? Are you sick of seeing the same old drywall or exposed brick everywhere you go? If this sounds like you, consider making your Riverside home stand out with the classic look of interior plaster walls. Traditional plaster construction involves covering the surface to be plastered with mortar and then using a trowel to either smooth it down to a perfect, clean finish, or to give it a more textured, classic look. This style of wall has been largely abandoned in favor of drywall because drywall is cheaper, faster, and simpler to install, and it is much more efficient in the age of cookie cutter suburbs. Plaster walls take a bit longer and are slightly more expensive because they require a skilled plasterer, but they provide homeowners with a more unique look with the potential for a wide variety of time-tested finishes. Because of these qualities, there has been a resurgence of traditional plaster walls in Riverside homes owned by people who desire a more personal touch to their living spaces.

There are many benefits to traditional plaster wall construction. In addition to the great, classic look of plaster walls, the increased thickness means that there is better sound dampening and much better insulation. In fact, plaster walls have double the R-value of drywall, meaning that you can spend less on insulation for the same level of comfort.

Here at The Patchman Drywall Repair, we are your Riverside plaster experts, with years of experience both building and restoring classic plaster walls. If you and your loved ones are interested in living in a home that is a bit more individual, or you just want to increase the value of your home with an aesthetically superior design choice, contact The Patchman Drywall Repair today. We are proud to offer a free consultation and estimate anywhere in Riverside.

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