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Riverside Plaster Repair

Plaster walls add an enormous amount of value and character to your home, but what do you do when your plaster has been damaged or has cracked with age? Repairing quality plaster is not as simple as hanging new drywall. You need someone who knows how to repair the damage while simultaneously blending the new plaster in with the old wall. If you are in Riverside, your local plaster experts can be found at The Patchman Drywall Repair. We will restore your damaged wall to perfection.

Many other contractors will tell you that you should tear out your plaster and put in drywall, to solve the problem of cracking plaster once and for all, but this is just because they lack the expertise necessary to properly deal with plaster. Plaster walls are hugely beneficial to your home, and it is wasteful to tear them out if it is not entirely necessary. Call The Patchman Drywall Repair, because we have many years of experience repairing the plaster walls of Riverside.

Repairing cracked or damaged plaster is simpler than many people think. The secret lies in making sure that the plaster is reattached to its base, which is usually a wooden backing called a lath. Once the plaster is reconnected to the lath, it will stop developing cracks, and you can repair the damage without worrying that the crack will reopen. A little plaster patch, some sanding, and maybe some paint and your wall will look as if it had just been built.

So rather than tearing out your historic plaster walls when they need repairs, preserve them with the expert repair work of The Patchman Drywall Repair. We have been working with plaster in the older houses of Riverside for many years, and we have the expertise to make sure that you can be enjoying the classic style of your plaster walls for many years to come.

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